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Leopold Hiersche, Dipl. Ing.
I developed Recoverfab after studying at the School of Engineering in Berlin and 36 years employment as a technician and production manager in the semiconductor industry. I have worked with important companies in the field: Halbeiterwerk Ffo, Telefunken, Hitachi and Advanced Micro Devices. My work with these companies also led me to Japan, Kofu (Hitachi) and USA Austin,TX (Advanced Micro Devices). Since 2006, I have been working independently, during which time I have developed a procedure for digitizing slide/negatives with a DSLR camera. Thanks to my experience in the semiconductor industry, I could 2008 successfully set up a company for data recovery from NAND flash memory chips, Recoverfab. Experience in this field prompted me 2012 to expand my business and establish a special service for smartphones.

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information according ยง 5 TMG: Dipl. Ing. Leopold Hiersche, Recoverfab DEUTSCHLAND, Bautzner Landstr. 92 b, 01324 Dresden
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