Deleted pictures recovery Smartphone/Galaxy/Samsung/Android
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General Trading Conditions and Privacy

Offer/Contract: After successful data recovery a contract offer will be sent to you. After data delivery, if you recognize that less than 20% of the delivered data are not functional, is this not a service shortage. If you have more than 20%, you can request the repayment of the invoice amount. Payment practice: Payment only after you have inspected and are satisfied with the recovered image samples or file list. If all of the recovered files are not wanted or needed, then no charges will be made and the contract is void, no costs are incurred. Limitation of liability: Recoverfab will not be liable for the loss of or damage to your memory card and is only liable in cases of gross negligence or loss. Complaints must be displayed within 14 days. Privacy:Your personal data and the data saved will not be processed or passed on to third parties. The collection of your personal data via the order form is only for the purpose of the contractual order processing and tracking the order using the customer's account. By using the customer account, no further personal data will be collected. Reviews from the Internet or e-mail content will be published anonymously on this website only with your consent by email inquiries. You have the right to free information about your stored personal data at any time within the scope of the applicable legal provisions. For further questions about your personal data, you can always contact us via the contact options listed in the imprint. The salvaged files will be deleted from the media 30 days after order processing. Dispute Resolution: The EU Commission has set up an Internet platform for online dispute resolution (OS platform) between entrepreneurs and consumers. The OS platform is available at .

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